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WhatsApp is down in different parts of the world

WhatsApp, one of the biggest messenger app is down in most parts of the world. People across the world including Pakistan are unable to access WhatsApp as it’s just saying “connecting…”

Until now there was no official response from Meta regarding this outage of WhatsApp but Whatsapp on their official Twitter account just now published a tweet and the reason behind this outage is still unknown

Here’s the official tweet of Whatsapp regarding this outage.

People on Twitter are sharing memes related to the WhatsApp outage and some and criticizing WhatsApp as they are losing their customers.

Here’re some memes from Twitter users.

As Whatsapp announced to fix this connecting issue as soon as possible now users are waiting for this update to be finished so they can go back to WhatsApp.

Shayan Hussain
Shayan Hussain
Shayan Hussain is the founder and owner of Pakistan Morning Post. He is also a YouTuber and Freelancer. The sole purpose of Pakistan Morning Post is to share updates independently about Pakistan and rest of the world.



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