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18 Years old girl Atufa supporting her family

Rising inflation is already pushing many degree holders, teenagers, and even doctors to sell food on stalls, and here’s another story of 18 years old girl from Karachi who is selling french fries on a stall just to support her family.

Atufa family’s has 4 members, Mother father an elder sister, and Atufa herself.

Atufa said ‘Girls are going to Schools and Colleges but I am selling fries I also want to go but due to financial and other family problems I cannot’.

‘Previously I thought about joining the Army but due to family problems I was not able to join it’.

Moreover, she said ‘My father always supports me my father considers me his son’.

There are many hardworking young boys and girls in Pakistan who are working day and night just to support their families.

We recommend you support all of them by visiting their food stalls.

If you see any hardworking boy or girl near you just let us know we will cover and share their story with our audience.

Shayan Hussain
Shayan Hussain
Shayan Hussain is the founder and owner of Pakistan Morning Post. He is also a YouTuber and Freelancer. The sole purpose of Pakistan Morning Post is to share updates independently about Pakistan and rest of the world.



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