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Apple opens first store in Mumbai India

Apple inaugurated its first retail store in Mumbai India on Tuesday as part of Apple’s growing interest in the Indian market.

CEO of Apple Inc Tim Cook inaugurated the store and opened the gates of the first retail store in India himself. The store is located in Reliance-owned Jio World Drive mall in Mumbai, people were seen taking selfies with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple has already started manufacturing iPhones in India and continuously expanding in Indian Market as India is the world’s second-largest country after China in terms of population.

Here’s the official tweet of Tim Cook regarding his inauguration of the first Apple store in India

Many people queued outside Apple’s first store in Mumbai India just to see the inauguration and take selfies with Tim Cook the CEO of Apple. Apple is scheduled to open its second store on Thursday in New Delhi.

Shayan Hussain
Shayan Hussain
Shayan Hussain is the founder and owner of Pakistan Morning Post. He is also a YouTuber and Freelancer. The sole purpose of Pakistan Morning Post is to share updates independently about Pakistan and rest of the world.



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