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Australian Vlogger famous for 3 tarzan in Pakistan donates $3000 for flood Victims

Famous Australian Vlogger Luke Damant who has been to Pakistan many times before donates $3000 for flood victims in Pakistan

This year Pakistan faced the worst floods since June but in August due to heavier monsoon rains and the melting of Glaciers many cities and villages in Sindh, South Punjab, and Balochistan were completely destroyed.

Due to these floods millions of people in Pakistan are affected as well as more than four hundred thousand people displaced and at least 1300 people died until now. More than 3600 people got non-fatal injuries.

After these recent Floods in Pakistan many countries across the world stepped in for helping people with food, tents, emergency medical equipment, and money. Many countries including USA, Turkey, UAE, and Bangladesh donated Pakistan millions of dollars and other emergency food items and equipment.

People from all over the world started donations for floods victims in Pakistan including some famous personalities also. Luke Damant a famous Australian Vlogger who has been to Pakistan many times donated $3000 for flood victims and people just loved it.

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Luke damant was already loved by millions of Pakistanis as he promoted the true beauty and culture of Pakistan to the world and break the stereotypes and negativity against Pakistan. He visited almost every part of Pakistan and recently he made a video about flood victims and announced to donate $3000 for flood victims moreover he encouraged his followers to participate in donations also.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also announced donating relief to the flood victims in Pakistan.

Here’s the official tweet of Tim Cook

Many people are still struggling to get relief in affected areas and the people of Pakistan are also collecting funds and other items to help the flood victims.

Shayan Hussain
Shayan Hussain
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