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Floods cripple Indian IT and Tech hub Bangalore city

Indian IT and Tech Hub city Bangalore which is famous for having offices of all the international companies crippled by floods

Climate change affects South Asian Countries badly and we have seen the impact of climate change already in Pakistan as one-third of the country is underwater with more than 1.4 million houses already destroyed.

Indian city Bangalore which is famous for its tech and IT industry is underwater and most of the infrastructure of the city is already affected by floods. Tech Companies have complained about the infrastructure of the city as the city failed to deal with floods.

The schools and Colleges in Bangalore are shut down and IT companies have advised the employees to work from home until the situation gets better. The supply of drinking water for 50 areas of the city was also affected for 2 days.

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The food delivery riders also complained about the traffic jams and told the local media that the traffic situation in this city was already bad but now the situation gets worse and we are not able to deliver the orders to customers on time.

Many companies employees were told to work from home as dozens of areas were reportedly left without drinking water. This city host some of the biggest tech companies offices including Google and Mircosoft.

Authorities were deploying rubber dinghies to ferry people around and tractors were used to transport people from Airport to their destinations the footage of tractors being used to transport people is already viral on social media.

Locals are worried about the situation in city and questioning the government where’s the advance infrastructure and development of Tech hub city of India.

Shayan Hussain
Shayan Hussain
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