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Best city of Pakistan to live in 2023

Which is the best city of Pakistan to live in 2023

In this article we will discuss which is the best city of Pakistan to live in 2023 and why to live there.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan or Pakistan is a richly diverse cultural country where people from different tribes and religions live together in peace and share their cultures with each other.

Pakistan has nearby 400 cities with some having a huge population with huge land areas and some having small population with small land areas. Pakistan is a country where some cities are more developed than other cities especially if we look at the resources definitely some cities of Pakistan are more developed than others.

The best city of Pakistan to live in 2023 is Muzaffarabad, Muzaffarabad is the capital city of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) a self-governing state under the federation of Pakistan.

AJK literacy rate

Azad Jammu and Kashmir literacy rate is 74% which is the highest in Pakistan. literacy rate means how many people in that area, state, or country can read and write and a city or country can develop when they have a high literacy rate.

More Info about AJK: Azad Kashmir on Wikipedia

Why Muzaffarabad?

Muzaffarabad the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir has 98% School enrollment for boys and 95% school enrollment for girls.

Muzaffarabad is the city with the lowest crime rate in the history of Pakistan, Muzaffarabad being the capital city of Azad Jammu and Kashmir is considered one of the safest cities of Pakistan.

Many cities in Pakistan have faced terrorism-related activities and some of the big crimes like public assassinations and other street crimes but as you are living in Muzaffarabad you will feel a best safe heaven in Pakistan even you can walk at 3 am without any fear.

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Every city has some pros and some cons but living in Muzaffarabad is definitely the best decision as it’s the best city to live in Pakistan in 2023.

Some images of Muzaffarabad captured by Shayan Hussain

Muzaffarabad is well protected because once you enter Azad Jammu and Kashmir from Kohala and Bararkot or even from Shaheed Gali you have to cross Police check posts moreover Army has a big presence in the city.

Muzaffarabad has everything you need, the biggest thing is peace and the lowest crime rate moreover this city is included in some of the few cities of Pakistan with Safe City Projects to monitor the situation and track criminals easily.

This city has lowest crime rate because there’s less unemployment and most people are employees of the AJK Government. One other factor includes the literacy rate as more people are educated so the crime rate is less than compared to other cities.

The landscapes of this city are amazing the city is covered with mountains from all four corners and has two rivers which combine near Domail. Surrounded with nature and greenery once you will be in this city you will feel you are standing in a piece of heaven.

Pir Chinasi a famous tourist destination all over Pakistan is also located in Muzaffarabad and the city is also gateway to heaven on earth Neelum Valley.

More info about Muzaffarabad: Muzaffarabad on Wikipedia

These all facts make Muzaffarabad the best city of Pakistan to live in 2023.

Shayan Hussain
Shayan Hussain
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