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Residents of Muzaffarabad are protesting for rising prices of electricity bills

Pakistan is facing a tough time right now as the country has one of the highest inflation rates in the world and people are struggling to pay bills, especially electricity bills.

The electricity bills in Pakistan are coming in the thousands and people are wondering what’s happening with the cost of electricity. Everyone in Pakistan is badly hit by the expensive price of electricity moreover the factories are also closing their operations due to the shortage of Dollars and high operating costs.

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From Karachi to Lahore to Kashmir everyone is now on the roads and protesting against the rising prices of food items and electricity bills. The caretaker government of Pakistan is looking for different options for decreasing the prices of Electricity.

However, in Muzaffarabad, the capital city of the self-governing state Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) people are on roads today and protesting against the rising prices of Electricity as the state is rich in natural resources and many dams are in Kashmir generating electricity still people in Kashmir are paying heavy taxes on electricity bills which is now rejected by the public and decided to protest against the government.

All businesses and educational institutions in the state capital ‘Muzaffarabad’ will remain closed today as everyone is participating in the protest against the government.

Shayan Hussain
Shayan Hussain
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